The Window of Orpheus Chronology

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Historical dates from "Modern History", Penguin and "The Murder of Rasputin" by Greg King, Arrow.  Other dates from "Orpheus no Mado" by Riyoko Ikeda, Shueisha.  Inspired by Pinoko san the original webmaster of  the Japanese website "The Window of Orpheus".  This chronology in English is for the benefit of those who do not read Japanese and does contain different information other than those found on the Japanese homepage.

1869                            Jacob Sebatigan and Belmann Whitcliff (Alanst Balenga)

1874                            the Von Balenga family was murdered, but Jacob and
                                    Belmann escaped

1875                            Maria Barbara  von Alansmeyer, Julius eldest sister was born

1879                            Alexei's brother, Dimitri Mihailov was born

1882                           Araune von Ekinov was born

1883                           Anneroc von Alansmeyer was born

1885                           David Rawson, being in the eight grade when Klaus was in the
                                   seventh, should be born in this year

May 1886                   Alexei Mihailov (Klaus) was born

23rd March 1887      Prince Felix Youssoupoffwas born -- Leonid Youssopov is
                                    modelled after this Russian prince who murdered Rasputin in his
                                    neoclassic palace at 94 Moika Canal also known as the
                                    Yusupovsky Palace or the Moika Palace.

1887                           Lynette, Julius mother met Belmann at the Window of Orpheus
                                   Maria Barbara was twelve years old
                                   Issac Godfried Faustus* was born

1888                          Julius Reinhardt von Alansmeyer was born

1892                           Alexei's mother died and he was adopted by the cooking lady

Spring 1893               Alexei was 6 years old when he moved to live with his grandmother

May 1893                   Alexei's 7th birthday

1895                           Dimitri and Alexei swore into a pact

1900                         Dimitri was executed
                                   Alexei was 14 years old when escaped to Regensburg and studied
                                    at St. Sebastian under the name of Klaus

1903                           Issac saw Julius from the Window of Orpheus
                                   Alexei saw Julius from the Window of Orpheus
                                   Julius was 15 years old
                                   Belmann was 35 years old

1904                           Alfred von Alansmeyer, Julius's  father died

7th April 1904           Maria Barbara asked for an investigation of Jacob

Easter 1904               Issac played with the orchestra at the Kepler Monument in the
                                   Issac was seventeen years old
                                   Anneroc was 22 years old
                                   Maria Barbara was 29 years old
                                   Lynette and Haemon (Belmann) fell to the death from the Window
                                    of Orpheus and died
                                   Alexei left Regensburg
                                   Gertrude died

1904 - 1905                Russo-Japanese War

1905                           Frederike died

22nd January 1905    Bloody Sunday
                                   Julius was seventeen
                                   Maria Barbara was hurt in a carriage accident
                                   Anneroc died and Julius left Regensburg the same night
                                Julius arrived in St. Petersburg; she was shot in a riot outside the
                                  train station and taken to the Youssoupov residence on the day she
                                  arrived; Julius was already seventeen at this time

October 1905            The First Russian Revolution

                                   Julius and Alexei met in St. Petersburg
                                   Leonid fell in love with Julius
                                   Julius lost her memory from a fall

December 1905          Araune died
                                   Alexei was captured by Leonid and exiled in Siberia

1906                           Tsar Nicholas granted the first Duma to the people

1911                           Alexei escaped from Siberia
                                   Radio broadcast of Issac's performance Beethoven's
                                   "Emperor"  (author's note" Radio broadcast was not
                                   available until 1920) caused Julius to remember her past

1912                           Alexei escaped from Siberia, Leonid thought he died
                                    Leonid expressed his love for Julius and sent her back to
                                   Anastasia exiled to Siberia
                                   Alexei reunited with Julius

28th June 1914         The assassination of the  Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand
                                  and his wife in Sarajevo by a Serbian student; Ruberta, Issac's
                                  wife was previously received and greatly impressed by the
                                  Issac went to war -- W.W.I

1916                         Julius and Alexei were married
                               Leonid met Julius on the street and told her to leave Russia with
                                 Alexei before February 1917

16th December 1916 Leonid (Prince Felix Youssoupoff in history) murdered Rasputin

January 1917           Julius became sick and was also pregnant
                                  Alexei moved Julius to live with his grandmother at the Mihailov

February 1917         February Revolution

2nd March 1917      Tsar Nicholas II abdicated

after April 1917       Issac returned to Regensburg after the W.W.I
                                  Leonid told Sergei Rostovsky, his first officer to rescue Julius from
                                   the Mihailov residence and put her in a safe house

August 1917             Alexei was ambushed and killed
                                  Julius' miscarriage
                                  Julius  and Vera fled St. Petersburg
                                Leonid committed suicide
                                  Sergei committed suicide

October 1917            October Revolution

December 1917         Civil War between the Reds (headed by Trotsky) and the Whites

1918                          Roberta gave birth to Yuber, Issac's son and died
                                Issac met Julius again in Regensburg

1923                         Julius gained back her memory
                                 Julius was killed by  Jacob in Berlin at the age of 35
                                 Maria Barbara was 48 at the end of the story
                                 David was 38
                                 Issac was 36

* from the legend of Faust, German spelling Faustus, a German necromancer and astrologer who sold his soul to the Devil for knowledge and power

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Photo of Regensburg overview shown as background is taken in Regensburg  on 9th August 2000.