Prince Felix Youssoupoff was born on 11th March 1887, and he passed away on 27th September 1967, at the age of eighty.  He was the last of his kind and with him the splendour of aristocracy, his family name, his Tartar roots and the last remnant of the Romanov era died as well.  Only recently when the royal family remains were found and Csar Nicholas  was elevated to sainthood was the memory of the grandeur of the Romanov era revived.

The metal plaques on cross of the family tomb shows:

his mother Princess Zenaide Youssoupoff  passed away 24th November 1939;
his wife Princess Irina passed away on 26th February 1970;
his son-in-law, Comte Nicolas Cheremeteff passed away on 5th February 1979; and
his daughter, Comtess Nicolas Cheremeteff, born Princess Irina Youssoupoff passed away on 30th August 1983.

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Photograph:  compliments of M. Pierre-Francois Le Faou.

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           King, Greg, The Murder of Rasputin, UK, Arrow, 1997.

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