The Album of Pictures

In the upcoming pages are the pictures which I have collected on the internet. These pictures illustrate memorable moments of "The Window of Orpheus" by Riyoko Ikeda, published by Shueisha. Please understand that the descriptions which accompany each picture are my personal opinions and feelings towards Ms. Ikeda's book. Reference is made to Ms. Ikeda's book. This album is for appreciation only and no intention is made to infringe the copyright of Ms. Ikeda's book and the copyrighted pictures from various sources.

Links to Sources of Pictures

Willkommen bei Regensburg Online: Source of Regensburg photographs on my site -- The St. Petersburg Web: source of St. Petersburg photographs

The St. Petersburg souvenir page: source of St. Petersburg photographs

St. Petersburg: source of St. Petersburg photographs

Images de la Russie: source of the photograph of the interior of Kirov

IconBAZZAR: source of the graphic images